University of Notre Dame Football Stadium

As the college football season was fast approaching, Western was contacted to provide a new traffic coating system in all the concourses, concession stands, bathrooms, and pedestrian ramps around the stadium.

The project called for a fast track schedule which included cleaning, preparing, and recoating 270,000 square feet of traffic coating membrane. The project had to be completed in just six weeks to have the stadium ready for opening day.

Western accomplished this task with experience, professional craftsmanship, and by working with the stadium operations staff to meet the schedule.

Lindenwood Stadium

In the spring of 2011, Western Specialty Contractors' Concrete Restoration Department joined a team of consultants and contractors tasked with renovating the football stadium at Lindenwood University’s Belleville, IL campus. During this phase of the project, the team utilized Western’s experience to discuss the concrete restoration work on the north and south seating sections, as well as applying a waterproof urethane deck coating upon completion of the concrete repairs. Once the design phase was finalized, Western was contracted by Blanton Construction and Lindenwood University to complete the concrete and deck coating scopes of work. It was scheduled to begin in the spring of 2012.

With a tight overall schedule to complete the work in time for the upcoming football season, the stadium renovation project hit the ground running in the spring of 2012. Blanton Construction served as the Construction Manager for the University; therefore, handling replacement of the playing surface, site improvements, and construction of new buildings. After the existing seating and mounting brackets were removed, Western’s craftsmen completed a sounding survey to identify delaminated concrete areas and mark for repair.

Inclusive of both the north and south seating sections, approximately 800 square feet of both full and partial depth slab repairs were completed in the seating areas and adjacent concrete stairs and nearly 240 square feet of concrete wall was repaired. Due to extensive age and deterioration, the entire back concrete wall of the south seating section was removed, formed, and re-poured with ready mix concrete. Upon completion of the concrete repairs, a waterproof urethane deck coating system manufactured by LymTal International was applied. In addition, the deteriorated expansion joints in both seating sections were removed and replaced with a firerated, silicone-faced compressible expansion joint manufactured by LymTal.

Another mutually successful stadium renovation project completed by Western’s Concrete Restoration Department.


H.A. Chapman Stadium at University of Tulsa

The Tulsa office of Western Specialty Contractors was contracted to complete work on the new sky box addition at Chapman Stadium, the University of Tulsa. Western caulked approximately 8,000 lineal feet of control joints and window perimeters. The stadium bowl also had a face lift, adding new seats and cast stone walls which were also caulked. During the project, Western was asked to power wash the existing concrete wall and remove the old paint.

The Chapman Stadium project was fast paced and took a large amount of coordination between the subcontractors and general contractor. The work was completed before the start of the football season.


Covington High School Stadium

The Covington High School Football Stadium had suffered from years of neglected maintenance. The expansion joints in the stadium had failed and leaked into the lower concourse as well as restroom and concession areas. Western Specialty Contractors was contracted to address these issues.

Western’s crew began the project by removing 500 lineal feet of fencing that dividing the different areas of the stadium. The bleacher seats were then removed. After 20 years of exposure to the elements, soft drinks, and chewing gum, the concrete surface had to be cleaned. This was accomplished using hydro blasting equipment. Mechanical grinders were utilized to remove the gum and on heavily soiled areas.

To protect the 33,000 square foot concrete surface against moisture intrusion, Western installed a three coat Sonneborn deck coating system. The coating not only offers skid resistance to the treads and risers, but is aesthetically pleasing and a positive waterproof membrane.

Prior to the deck coating application, the Western crew installed an Emseal preformed expansion joint system in the lower walkway area.

To complete the project, Western applied a specialty color matched elastomeric coating to the rear parapet, complete with the stenciling of the school’s logo. The bleachers were reinstalled along with new chain link fencing.


Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Western Specialty Contractors has completed a number of projects for stadium management over the years. They have served as a primary contractor for concrete, coating, and expansion joint work at Sports Authority Field at Mile High (formerly Invesco Field) in Denver, CO.

The expansion joints had to be re-designed and re-constructed. Western had to install seven joints per level (three levels) and the work had to be completed before the first game of the season. The project was finished with a week to spare.

Additional work at the stadium has been scheduled in the near future.


Miller Park

The Chicago Concrete Branch of Western Specialty Contractors was involved in the construction of Miller Park in Milwaukee, the new home of the Brewers. Western's scope of work was to provide a waterproof traffic coating system on one of the five concourses. The area totaled 100,000 square feet.

In addition to the coating work, a positive drainage system was installed. Imperfections to the concrete surface areas, such as scaling, gouges, scrapes, and cracks were also addressed.

The application of the traffic coating system was completed in four phases and in time for opening day for the Brewers season.