Covington High School Stadium

The Covington High School Football Stadium had suffered from years of neglected maintenance. The expansion joints in the stadium had failed and leaked into the lower concourse as well as restroom and concession areas. Western Specialty Contractors was contracted to address these issues.

Western’s crew began the project by removing 500 lineal feet of fencing that dividing the different areas of the stadium. The bleacher seats were then removed. After 20 years of exposure to the elements, soft drinks, and chewing gum, the concrete surface had to be cleaned. This was accomplished using hydro blasting equipment. Mechanical grinders were utilized to remove the gum and on heavily soiled areas.

To protect the 33,000 square foot concrete surface against moisture intrusion, Western installed a three coat Sonneborn deck coating system. The coating not only offers skid resistance to the treads and risers, but is aesthetically pleasing and a positive waterproof membrane.

Prior to the deck coating application, the Western crew installed an Emseal preformed expansion joint system in the lower walkway area.

To complete the project, Western applied a specialty color matched elastomeric coating to the rear parapet, complete with the stenciling of the school’s logo. The bleachers were reinstalled along with new chain link fencing.