Sharp Grossmont Medical Office Building

Western Specialty Contractors partnered with Tremco Roofing to investigate the leaking facade at Sharp Grossmont Medical Office Building in San Diego, California. The building was experiencing leaks and looked to the Western/ Tremco team to identify the appropriate repair solution. A remediation scope was developed but in order to verify the effectiveness of the repair, Western recommended that a mock up be conducted.


Included in the mock up was a spray rack water test. The water test caused the building to leak, and Western immediately performed the proposed remediation scope. The scope included: sealant removal and replacement on the window system, stucco crack repairs, and a primer plus two coat application of Solargard wall coating. Following the remediation scope, the same location was water tested again and there were no leaks.


Western was then contracted by Sharp Grossmont to perform the restoration scope over the entire facility. The solution development, pre-project mock up, and team approach during construction made this project a success for all parties involved; Western Specialty Contractors, Tremco Roofing, and Sharp Grossmont Medical Office Building.



Tenochca Hall at San Diego State University

San Diego State University approached Western Specialty Contractors to help solve water intrusion problems at Tenochca Hall. After surveying the building, it was determined that aged sealant at window wet seals, window perimeters, metal to metal joints, and stucco control joints were the issue. These sealants needed to be replaced.

A number of the building’s exterior stucco panels were cracked allowing additional water into the building. To address this issue, an elastomeric wall coating was applied to the panels. Vegetation and planters limited access around the building. This called for the use of swing stages instead of conventional lifts.

The stages were secured using parapet clamps on the roof edges. This allowed for wall access with minimal disruption to the activities below. The building could not be closed for the duration of the repairs. In an effort to minimize further disruptions, the windows were taped and blacked out before work commenced. This extra step not only minimized disruption to those inside the building, but also insured that the building itself would not be damaged.

Inglewood Mausoleum

Shortly after the Inglewood Mausoleum was constructed, water had begun to leak through the walkways and would drip from the ceiling into the underground crypts below. After water testing and performing inspections, Western Specialty Contractors and McCleskey Construction Company determined that the culprit was the failure of the existing split slab membrane. Western was awarded the contract for the application of a new hot applied waterproofing system over the structural slab, a total area of approximately 8,000 square feet.

Western worked closely with McCleskey and the Inglewood Park Cemetery to work around funeral processions without causing noise or distractions, and specific schedules were developed prior to beginning the work. Following demolition of the topping slab, the existing coating was removed and the substrate was prepared by mechanically grinding and shot blasting the surfaces.


Bank of America

The Bank of America building in La Jolla had experienced severe facade deterioration on four separate elevations. After years of moisture intrusion and a poor window ledge design, it was apparent something had to be done. Western Specialty Contractors worked with the building owners to perform exploratory work and determine how extensive of a repair was required. The next step included working with the project consultant to create the repair specifications. Once the scope of work was agreed upon, the budget and schedule were finalized.

The project included restoring more than 4,000 square feet of building facade in two phases. This included removing the existing red carmen granite pieces, mortar, building paper and lath. Full demolition was completed down to the building metal studs. The two ninety-foot sections of vertical wall were rebuilt in two separate phases. This included several detailed items including installation of wall expansion joints, counter flashing vents, and bottom ledges. Western created a detailed schedule and the building remained open through the entire project.

The work area was closed off and debris was transported to an enclosed dumpster chute to reduce dust. The selection of stone was a critical item, since the new stone had to match the rest of the building. The custom stone ordered from Finland was delivered on time.

The project was completed on time and within the owner’s budget.


Olivenhain-Hodges ESP Pump Storage Facility

In 2009, Western Specialty Contractors was called to the Lake Hodges Pump Station by Archer Western Contractors. The structure is an 11 story underground concrete building with three-foot thick walls. It took more than four years to construct the underground water facility. It had experienced thousands of leaks. Western worked with Sika to provide a design build solution. The scope of work involved treating the leaking cracks with Sika HH Hydrophobic Urethane Grout. Western provided an experienced concrete restoration crew to handle the project.

The first step involved the installation of protection over several high voltage electrical boxes, transformers, and other electrical equipment located in the facility. The crews were required to create a dust free environment while working. This was accomplished by utilizing dustless attachments for drilling and grinding applications.

The work steps involved drilling and installing injection parts. Sika grout was then injected. After curing, the ports were removed and port holes were filled with non shrink grout. Western crews injected cracks in more than four floor levels. This included the eleven story entrance stairwell, equipment rooms, a large turbine room and elevation shaft. More than 15,000 ports were installed and injected with grout.

The Western team stopped the leaks and created a dry environment for the San Diego Water Authority.


5801 Slauson

Western Specialty Contractors negotiated a contract to be the general contractor on a below grade waterproofing project at a commercial property in Los Angeles.

The scope of work included excavating half way around the building approximately five feet deep to expose the below grade masonry and concrete foundation wall. The repair consisted of installing a liquid applied waterproofing system on the below grade wall followed by a concrete slab poured perpendicular to the wall to help channel the drainage.

New flashing was also installed and attached to the existing window system. Upon completion of the restoration work, the soil was replaced and new landscaping material was installed. The entire project took one month to complete.