Bank of America

The Bank of America building in La Jolla had experienced severe facade deterioration on four separate elevations. After years of moisture intrusion and a poor window ledge design, it was apparent something had to be done. Western Specialty Contractors worked with the building owners to perform exploratory work and determine how extensive of a repair was required. The next step included working with the project consultant to create the repair specifications. Once the scope of work was agreed upon, the budget and schedule were finalized.

The project included restoring more than 4,000 square feet of building facade in two phases. This included removing the existing red carmen granite pieces, mortar, building paper and lath. Full demolition was completed down to the building metal studs. The two ninety-foot sections of vertical wall were rebuilt in two separate phases. This included several detailed items including installation of wall expansion joints, counter flashing vents, and bottom ledges. Western created a detailed schedule and the building remained open through the entire project.

The work area was closed off and debris was transported to an enclosed dumpster chute to reduce dust. The selection of stone was a critical item, since the new stone had to match the rest of the building. The custom stone ordered from Finland was delivered on time.

The project was completed on time and within the owner’s budget.