Tenochca Hall at San Diego State University

San Diego State University approached Western Specialty Contractors to help solve water intrusion problems at Tenochca Hall. After surveying the building, it was determined that aged sealant at window wet seals, window perimeters, metal to metal joints, and stucco control joints were the issue. These sealants needed to be replaced.

A number of the building’s exterior stucco panels were cracked allowing additional water into the building. To address this issue, an elastomeric wall coating was applied to the panels. Vegetation and planters limited access around the building. This called for the use of swing stages instead of conventional lifts.

The stages were secured using parapet clamps on the roof edges. This allowed for wall access with minimal disruption to the activities below. The building could not be closed for the duration of the repairs. In an effort to minimize further disruptions, the windows were taped and blacked out before work commenced. This extra step not only minimized disruption to those inside the building, but also insured that the building itself would not be damaged.