Western Specialty Contractors Disaster Recovery Team

We understand how devastating it can be to lose a home or building to something unforeseen and sudden. The decision to move forward and repair those damages may not come quickly, but when it does, Western will be there.

When it comes to restoration and waterproofing, Western's craftsmanship is known nationwide. Using our skill and experience to bring buildings and structures back to life isn’t simply our line of work, it's our commitment.

If we can offer any help as you assess the damage, plan recovery, initiate restoration, or mitigate further loss, please let us know.

The following branches serve as staging locations in the Gulf Coast disaster recovery services. These branches have been assisting companies to recover from natural disasters for over 50 years.

Atlanta, GA
Houston, TX
San Antonio, TX
Fort Lauderdale, FL

We provide comprehensive Disaster Recovery Services including:

  • Building exterior stabilization
  • Emergency building enclosure
  • Roofing repair and replacement
  • Window boarding, repair, and replacement
  • General clean up
  • Masonry and concrete repair
  • Historic restoration

Check out some of Western’s projects involving our Disaster Recovery Services: