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An Internship in Specialty Restoration

America's largest specialty contractors in masonry, concrete, waterproofing and facade restoration offering a “hands on” internship that offers both field and office experience.

Who We Are

Since 1915, Western has dedicated itself to quality craftsmanship. Today with 30+ offices across the country, the company has evolved to become America's largest specialty contractor in masonry, concrete, waterproofing, and facade restoration.

With more than 100 years of history in a constant state of growth, Western Specialty Contractors hasn't lost sight of its roots as a hard-working, family-operated business striving to exceed customer expectations.

This is why we have been able to attract, hire and, most importantly, retain some of the best talents in the industry.g WordPress and aligning with open web initiatives.

When you work for a company that aligns with your personal morals and characteristics, it makes it hard to want to go anywhere else. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunities that Western has provided me throughout my career, and I look forward to what my future holds with this company.

Drew Adams / Assistant Branch Manager

Overview of the Internship Program

Western Specialty Contractors' Internship Program is designed to expose students to both field and office experiences. During this time, students will learn valuable skills which can be utilized to further their potential for full-time employment with Western. Some examples of regular tasks include but are not limited to:

Reviewing estimates, client interactions and overseeing projects.

Assisting with project and cost control records.

Attending pre-bid and bid meetings, and participating in sales, foreman & safety meetings.

Preparing shop drawings.

Obtaining permits, checking zoning and code requirements.

Surveying, testing and sample collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have questions about working as an Intern at Western Specialty Contractors.

Here are eight of the most common questions we receive from potential interns. Please click on each toggle to see the answer to these questions.

What grade is applicable?

We love the opportunity to host you more than just one summer, so we accept college Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.

Do you provide temporary living circumstances?

The intern is responsible for finding and setting up their living arrangements. Western will reimburse the intern up to $500.00 per month to assist with temporary living during the internship.

What if I’m interested in working at Western after I graduate?

Each year, we invite our best and brightest graduating interns to join our Training Hub program. With this program we bridge interns into Assistant Sales/Project Managers. During the program you will spend three months at our Home Office in St. Louis, MO. Housing and vehicle, if applicable are provided.

Do you reimburse for Milage or provide gas?

We do not reimburse or provide gas for our interns. If there is a situation where you must drive an hour or more to and from work each day Western can reimburse you up to $200 per month to assist with this cost.

What majors are we pursuing?

We are open to many majors, but we find that most of our interns are studying Construction Management, Business, Marketing, Communications, or Entrepreneurship

Do we drug screen?

Western is a Drug-Free Workplace. We do drug screen for all controlled substances.

Is the Internship paid?


Is the Internship for the summer only?

Internships are mainly for the summers but can be extended to continue throughout the year at the discretion of the branch.


Here's what a few of our interns have had to say about us.

I have had the opportunity to be on the roof of significant buildings here in South Florida. It’s an interesting and exciting experience because I was able to really see what the project scope entails rather than only hearing about it or reading about it. Western encourages the interns to experience every part of the process such as being in the field, doing office work, directly communicating with customers.

When I did my first summer internship with Western in 2021, I wasn’t sure what to expect being a woman trying to get into the construction industry with no real experience in this field. Western welcomed me with open arms and an open mind, I have learned countless things about this industry with the support of everyone at Western that I will remember as I continue my career.

Joselyn Aldas

Former Intern

Western stands out to me because of the type of work we do. In a construction program, it can feel like the only option is new construction. As a visual learner, I tend to struggle with envisioning things that aren’t built yet. In our line of work, the structure is already there, and we are restoring it. I can look at the wall. I can see the deteriorated caulking. It felt like a much better fit for my learning style, especially starting off as my first real job in the field.

I really enjoy that Western has opportunities all over the country. It can be daunting to feel like you’re locking yourself down to one place, but Western has allowed me the opportunity to visit other branches, other cities, and states I had never been to before. I absolutely love to travel, so being on the road going to different projects and looking at new places with new things is exciting.

Sarah Ray


Our Locations

Western is a nationwide network of expertise in building envelope restoration and preservation. With 30 offices across the United States, there's a nearby branch ready for you to begin your career with an engaging internship.

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Why Choose Western Specialty Contractors?

An essential industry with work that is unique and challenging. Specialty contractors like Western figure out solutions to problems that others cannot. At Western, you will learn all aspects of our work from start to finish. At this family-owned company, you have a direct effect on your future.