215 East 68th Street

Western Specialty Contractors and their facades division has received the 2013 Transformation Award by Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts as part of the design team for the recladding of the Rudin family's East 68th Street.

Formed in 2013, as a response to a growing number of large-scale facade repair and replacement assignments, Western's facades division draws on key personnel with extensive experience from our acquisition, formerly known as Brisk Waterproofing, a Western company serving the New York City real estate community for nearly a century. The facades team works exclusively on large-scale, complex facade restoration and recladding projects requiring the company's unique expertise and experience.

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Property Description:

606 unit, residential building with a 34-story core and two, 21-story wings


Remove weather-worn brick facade
Waterproofed by:

  • Installation of cementitious parging materials at the block back-up walls
  • Applying a water-based permeable liquid membrane to the prepared wall and flashing at the penetrations
  • Placement of anodized aluminum support system with stainless steel hardware and EPDM gasketing and spacers
  • Insulating with mineral wool
  • Finished with Duranar aluminum sills, head closures and wall coping

Exterior tiling with terra cotta tiles
Silicone sealant application

Building located in a busy residential neighborhood
Occupied with 606 rental apartments during construction
Existing block back-up behind the brick veneer is unreinforced and only 4″ thick
Exposure of reinforced back-up wall could not exceed footage that could be supported within five days in the case of an extreme wind event, and/or coordination of design, fabrication, shipping and site delivery of materials on a global basis
Any one portion of block back-up could only be exposed for five days at a time per the restrictions of the Structural Engineer
Over 150 tradesmen onsite at a time – careful management imperative to control quality and safe working environment
Limited working space making coordination of material arrival and debris removal critical to keep space free
Unexpected Atlantic hurricane and record snow storms demanded unique problem solving capabilities and a high degree of flexibility

Completion – Fall of 2012