Announcements: Current Management Promotions

Congratulations to Our Current Management Promotions 

At Western, we strive to promote training and opportunities that help our employees advance in their career paths within our company.

We’d like to congratulate all of our recent promotions on their successful performances and contributions to our company.

1/6/15 Jason Holtman promoted to Branch Manager- St. Louis-Masonry, MO
1/6/15 Ben Grandbois promoted to Branch Manager- Dallax, TX
1/6/15 Scott Haas promoted to Branch Manager- Springfield, IL
6/23/14 Mike Tripp promoted to Branch Manager- Minneapolis, MN
4/1/14 Jim Rechtin Sr., COO
4/1/14 Mary Faris, Sr. Director, HR & Training- Home Office
4/1/14 Ken Black, Sr. Director, ERM- Home Office
4/1/14 Ryan Kirby, Staff Attorney- Home Office
2/21/14 James Norberg promoted to Branch Manager- Ridgefield,NJ
1/1/14 Austin DeJohn promoted to Branch Manager – Tulsa, OK
1/1/14 Patrick Sheeran promoted to Branch Manager – Houston, TX
1/1/14 Mark Antoskiewicz promoted to Branch Manager – Indianapolis, IN
1/1/14 Justin Berndt promoted to Senior Branch Manager – Chicago, IL