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2021—Second Quarter Winner

Kansas City Branch

2021—First Quarter Winner

Peoria Branch

2020—Fourth Quarter Winner

Great Plains Roofing & Sheet Metal Branch

2020—Third Quarter Winner

Minneapolis Branch

2020—Second Quarter Winner

Denver Branch

2020—First Quarter Winner

Minneapolis Branch

Western's Minneapolis crew is working on a 36,000 SF deck coating project.

How to Impress Clients with Better In-House Building Inspections

Western was founded in 1915.

A lot has changed since then. And Western has been right here in the trenches the entire time, providing trusted advice about building envelope restoration and maintenance to thousands of people.

But you might actually be surprised at how much has remained the same.

Fads come and go. Tactics change. New contractors enter the industry, then fade away. But there are a few fundamental mindsets, strategies, and tools that we’ve seen work throughout our entire 100+ year history.

One of those tools is the building inspection.

Take the guesswork out of your in-house inspections

Since 1915, Western has been pioneering restoration and preservation techniques that deliver superior quality and results.

The solutions we develop for our customers and their properties have been tested and implemented on thousands of buildings all across the country.

With this foundational expertise, Western knows what it takes to conduct effective in-house building inspections as well as anyone. We know which parts of the building you need check and the small warning signs you can’t afford to miss.

Putting all that knowledge in one place

In our inaugural issue of this monthly digital publication, we talk about:

  • The fastest way to make your building maintenance program more effective
  • Why building inspections are so critical to your success
  • A handy 3-step process for organizing the information on your property
  • How to save time and money by planning your inspection
  • And a whole lot more …

In other words, we cover the fundamentals of doing an annual building inspection that will put you miles ahead of the rest of the industry.

There might not be a more important topic when it comes to helping you create a winning difference as a property management professional.

Here’s to your future success.

All the best,
Tom Brooks

Note: Western Specialty Contractors does not provide licensed design, engineering, or architectural services. But Western has great relationships with engineering firms across the country, and when appropriate, we can recommend a design professional, or work with one provided by the Client.

Western Construction Group Uses Multi-Media Blasting Equipment to Restore Fire-Damaged Freezer

Customer required that no pressurized water be used and no dust created during clean up

Finding the best solution for your customer's needs can be extremely challenging at times. Sometimes finding the answer to a difficult project requires thinking outside of the box – a strategy that not only helps the customer solve their problem, but also solidifies your expertise with the customer and differentiates your business from the competition.

Recently, Western Construction Group's Little Rock, Arkansas branch was approached by a food processing plant in the region to restore a fire-damaged, 3,000-square-foot concrete freezer area at their facility. The freezer's precast walls and overhead double tees were scorched and spalled and exhibited areas of exposed, burned and rusted rebar.

The emergency restoration project came with many challenges as the customer was in the food processing industry and needed the large, fire-damaged freezer to be back in service as quickly as possible as it was vital to their operation. The customer also prohibited the use of any pressurized water or chemicals during the clean up, and any dust created during the project had to be completely controlled to prevent contaminating ongoing food processing in the facility.

The scope of the work included:

1. Cleaning the soot off the freezer's walls and ceiling

2. Making needed repairs to any concrete damaged by the fire

In the past, Western would have used heavy chemicals and a lot of pressure washing on such a job, which would have required extended time to clean up. The burned out area in this case was interior and the client could not allow water to enter any drains. Traditional sand blasting also created extreme dust and was very difficult to control, so crews would not have been able to use traditional sand blasting equipment in this case as food production was continuing in adjacent areas.

Since traditional concrete cleaning methods could not be used on this particular project, Western Construction Group's experts went out in search of new technology to meet the demands of the client. Western's experts determined that using micro-blasting equipment, plus an air scrubber, would provide the solution they were looking for.

The micro-blasting equipment proved to be extremely versatile and easy to use. Sold internationally and used on historical preservation projects throughout the world, to remove graffiti from a variety of urban surfaces, and to refurbish glass and other delicate surfaces, this unique equipment is ahead of its time technologically.

This micro-blasting technology can be used for a wide range of services from:

1. Limestone/sandstone cleaning

2. Metal cleaning and restoration

3. Micro-blasting equipment uses a combination of fine blasting materials and low pressure settings for soft stone and wood cleaning

4. More abrasive materials and high pressure settings are used for concrete cleaning and metal surface preparation.

Following a day of training on the equipment provided by the manufacturer, Western crews were able to mount the machine in the area under their work zones and move around freely with boom lifts to access all vertical and horizontal areas on the project. Use of the micro-blasting equipment also allowed Western crews to have control over the amount of pressure and consistency of the media material used, therefore minimizing flying dust. Western used a large, portable air scrubber in the center of the room to remove any escaping dust.

In addition to having to clean and prep concrete surfaces, crews were also able to use the multi-media blasting equipment to prep spalled areas and rusted rebar on the concrete ceiling and walls for necessary rebar protection and surface patching.

Western used two workers to operate the micro-blasting equipment and monitor the work progress within the space suite and two on the ground to monitor the air and sand feed. The project was successfully completed in just 22 days.

If you have a restoration project in the Little Rock area and would like more information about this branch's services, please contact Robert Young, Little Rock Branch Manager at 501-455-5311.

Keeping Employees Motivated

At Western Construction Group, we understand that employees who feel appreciated in their position and engaged with their work are happy, productive and more likely to stick around. That’s why our training programs focus on how to develope and effectively manage your team in a positive setting. Here’s Senior Director of Talent Management and HR, Mary Faris to tell prosepective candidates why motivating our employees is a top priority!