South Shore Harbor Boat Slips

South Shore Harbor Boat Slips is one of the largest boat slips located near the New Orleans Lakefront Airport overlooking Lake Pontchartrain. It housed 26 large vessels prior to Hurricane Katrina. The storm demolished and/or relocated the boats that remained in the harbor and left the covered slips unusable and virtually unrecognizable.

Western’s scope of work was to remove the remaining damaged panels and purlins and completely replace the outer skin of the slips (approximately 30,000 square feet) with interlocking Zee panels manufactured by Berridge.

In addition to the replacement of the panels, Western’s scope also included the replacement of the guard house that overlooked the harbor with a new modular guard house, renovations to the public restroom facilities and the oil containment facility, all of which suffered severe wind and flood damage during Katrina.


Ardaman & Associates

After recent hurricane activity in Florida, Ardaman & Associates noticed some leaking windows in their building. They called on Western Specialty Contractors to determine the best course of action for stopping the problems.

The back side of the window to window joints were covered, using sealant alone would have been difficult. Western proposed using Dow’s 1-2-3 silicone strips to seal the joints. The system was approved by the owners.

All the joints, glass-to-glass, metal-to-glass, and metal-to-concrete were sealed with the silicone strips. The result was a watertight building and dry happy owners.