On Demand Workshop: Budget Season Tips for the Building Envelope

Watch our team of building envelope restoration experts in this free online workshop to get the top budget season techniques to significantly reduce repair costs and provide impressive value to clients.

In this high-impact workshop, we cover:

  • Include annual maintenance dollars in your yearly operating budget (Increase by 2-5% annually)
  • Importance of understanding the remaining useful life of your building’s roof, façade, and parking garage components to properly budget for repairs and replacements
  • Utilize the phasing approach to minimize financial impact 
  • Educate client on importance of completing capital projects and include back-up documentation
  • If full budget is not approved, partner with contractor to evaluate where monies can be best spent
  • Partner with Western Specialty Contractors for your budgeting needs!!!

Don't forget to check out The Western Resource Library for supplemental cheat sheets and helpful guides: