Western Proudly Announces .55 Experience Modification Rating

When it comes to Workers’ Comp losses, Western is proud to say it operates very safely.  How safe? 

In the insurance world, there is an interstate rating called the “EMR” and it means Experience Modification Rating.  This rating is calculated by an independent agency called NCCI.  In calculating the EMR, NCCI compares a company’s three-year payroll to the number of work comp losses the company has experienced over the same three-year time period.  The lower the calculated EMR the better.

The resulting calculated EMR indicates how safe a company is compared to its industry peers.  Any rating less than 1.00 means the company’s three-year work comp loss experience is more favorable than its peers.  Any rating greater than 1.00 means the company’s work comp loss experience is less favorable than its industry peers.  Western is proud that its EMR is .55.  This is not only very good, but it is also very hard to achieve.

Why does a low EMR matter?  It matters for many reasons, but two primary reasons are these:

1) A low EMR validates that Western values the safety and well-being of its employees. We want our employees to operate in a safe environment and go home each night to their families.  Western takes safety seriously, and we think individuals want to work for a company like Western that takes this approach toward Safety.

2) We believe operating in a safe work environment helps Western attract jobs since both General Contractors and Building Owners know that in working with Western, they are working with a company that considers the safety of everyone extremely important.

Safety is job one at Western and we are proud of it!

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