Vantage Point

Western Specialty Contractors was contacted to repair breezeways at the Flats and Town Homes at Vantage Pointe. The existing breezeways suffered from poor drainage and held water. This caused the floor to be a constant slip hazard.

First, Western removed the coated concrete toppings at six breezeway locations. This was replaced with a new lightweight concrete set at proper elevations to help drain water off of the breezeways. New drip flashing was installed directly along the breezeway perimeters. An uncured neoprene rubber flashing was installed on top of the new flashing prior to coating. A dual component fast cure urethane coating was applied to waterproof the breezeways. The coating was seeded to refusal with 16 mesh silica sand for a heavy exposed aggregate finish which provided added protection and texture for ultimate slip resistance.

Because the project was a residential complex the work was strategically scheduled to minimize inconvenience to residents. Specific breezeways were closed and a strict schedule was maintained to ensure the project completion date.