Shands Hospital Administrative Building

The Shands Hospital Administration Building is home to offices of both the University of Florida and Shands Hospital, one of the most advanced university hospitals in the country.

Since the building was constructed, it has been faced with numerous water intrusion problems. Multiple attempts of repair have failed. The owner decided to to do what was necessary to fix the side of the building with the most leaks. They contacted Tremco for help.

The Tremco representative, Chris Daviaux, along with Western Specialty Contractors, created a plan to remove and replace all of the existing gaskets in the glass-to-glass, glass-to-metal, and metal-to-metal joints.

There is also a precast concrete portion of the elevation. It is located below the water level in a fountain that was leaking. Western addressed the cracks with sealant and applied a Tremco wall coating to the precast that would allow constant submersion in water.