Orange County Administration Center

Persistent water damage to the interior, computers and office furniture inside the structure forced the County to seek a solution to waterproof the building. The architect and engineer decided to use Dow Corning’s 123 silicone tape to seal all of the sloped glass on the building. The 123 material was used to fully encapsulate the metal window mullions, thus preventing water from entering the building.

Western Specialty Contractors was selected to perform the work. The most challenging aspect of the project was accessing the sloped glass. A combination of ladders, scaffolds, man lifts and descent control devices had to be used to reach more than 12,000 LF of window mullions. Once the mullions were accessed, a custom grooved piece of five inch 123 tape was installed.

After encountering numerous unforeseen conditions, Western was able to offer suggestions and assistance in determining an updated detail for the project.

Despite the changing details and the tight job schedule, Western was able to complete the work prior to the start of the heavy rain season.