North Point Plaza

The North Point building is located in downtown Cleveland. The high-rise serves as office space to high profile tenants Jones Day and Reit Management. It also houses some retail space as well. Cleanliness of the site from equipment to perimeter fencing was a necessity in order to keep the customer satisfied and uphold the image of both the building and its tenants.

The project was completed over a two year period in three phases as to not impede access to the building during construction. Each phase had its own unique obstacles to overcome and details to deal with. The work included structural repairs to the plaza deck, located over and underground parking garage, as wall as the installation of the new drainage plan, waterproofing, precast planters and paver fab/install. Many other miscellaneous but unique details such as marble and bronze restoration were completed as well.

The new plaza consists of a pedestal-set paver system allowing for easy maintenance and repairs in the future. This system also provided excellent drainage for the plaza, a necessity for the owner considering the vital electrical equipment located under certain parts of the plaza.

The project was completed successfully and on time leaving a satisfied customer and a strong relationship for a bright future.