Hilton at the Ballpark

In 2011, the Hilton at the Ballpark moved forward with St. Louis’ first outside rooftop bar and dining area. In order for the existing rooftop to handle the increased weight from the new amenities and building structures, the strength of the existing rooftop structure needed an upgrade. Installing carbon fiber reinforcing fabric onto the overhead ceiling directly below the addition was an ideal solution, providing for the required strength upgrade without extensive structural modifications. Western Specialty Contractors, Inc. was awarded the task of installing the carbon fiber reinforcing.

This project included installing the carbon fiber reinforcing in a project-specific design consisting of multiple strips of the MBrace Carbon Fiber in various orientations and layers. In all, a quantity of 2,300 square feet of carbon fiber was installed overhead to meet the carbon fiber design.

First, the existing ceiling finish of plaster with a “popcorn” finish had to be removed by light chipping and residual grinding. Independent pull-off testing was completed to evidence proper surface adhesion upon completion of the ceiling finish removal. Next, lines could be snapped to ensure proper placement of the carbon fiber strips and the saturated carbon fiber could be applied and rolled out onto the ceiling. The challenge for this project was coordinating layout and sequencing of the installation with multiple other trades in tight quarters. Daily coordination meetings with other trades was crucial to a timely completion.