Health Department

In the Spring of 2006, Western Specialty Contractors, Inc. was awarded the contract to perform masonry repairs and comprehensive sealant replacement for the city of Kansas City, Missouri. The scope of work included the removal and replacement of over 13,000 lineal feet of deteriorated sealant, nearly 700 lineal feet of new through-wall flashings, the cleaning and sealing of over 16,500 square feet of both natural stone and faux stone substrates, and the removal of approximately 2,500 S.F. of deteriorated exterior gypsum soffit. Pre-finished sheet metal panels were used for the replacement soffits.

Project mobilization began with favorable weather in May, 2006. Access proved to be the largest and most difficult portion of the project. Scaffolding was erected across the north and south elevation lower roofs and re-shoring was aligned up to two levels below scaffolding legs into occupied space. Recessed curtain walls on the north and south elevations required the use of a 210 ton crane and a 90’ boom truck to access the masonry and sealant work. This required close coordination with the Health department and City Representatives as the facility remained in full operations throughout the project.