Broward County Convention Center

Western Specialty Contractors recently completed an exterior waterproofing project at the Broward County Convention Center. Safety was a major concern because of the high amount of pedestrian traffic during shows and events. Proper precaution was taken with the installation of perimeter fencing and barricades around the work areas to maintain traffic and operations.

The scope of work addressed several items:

  • The removal and replacement of delaminated stucco
  • Caulking of expansion and control joints
  • Repair of cracked stucco
  • Caulking around existing windows, metal door frames and thru-wall penetrants
  • The application of a primer and two coats of elastomeric coating to all stucco surfaces.

Accessing the building required the combination of suspended scaffolding swing stages and boom lift equipment. Inspections of the beams, counter weights, safety lines and tie-backs were completed on a daily basis. Foam board insulation and plywood were used to protect the existing roof system.