Broadway National Bank

Western Specialty Contractors was asked to restore the exterior of the headquarters’ building of one of the largest independent banks in the region, Broadway National Bank.

Western completed a variety of work to the exterior. To begin, the sealants in all joints were removed and replaced with new silicone sealant. All exterior quartz tiles were then removed and replaced. The unique replacement tiles were quarried on the back side of the Himalayans, shipped by truck through the mountains to India and then put on an ocean freighter to Longbeach California. After clearing customs they were then shipped by freight lines to Western’s warehouse.

Some of the existing marble panels were cracked. Western’s crew repaired these panels in place whenever possible. Any panels beyond repair were removed and replaced.

Once the restoration was complete, all exterior marble panels were chemically cleaned and pressure washed to a like-new appearance.

All worked was finished on schedule and with minimal disruption to the patrons and employees of the bank.