Aramark Tower

ARAMARK Tower is a 32-story, 634,000 square foot building located in the Central Business District. The 412-foot tall building, designed by Bower Lewis Thrower Architects, was originally conceived by the Reading Company. Reading was granted development rights for the building in exchange for granting the city easements for developing the Market East Station entrance in the ground floor of the adjacent Reading Terminal. Construction soon began and the building was completed in 1984. ARAMARK Tower currently serves as the global headquarters for ARAMARK Corporation.

Western completed a multi-year repair and improvement program at ARAMARK Tower that consisted of many exterior components. Site protection ensured continued safety of pedestrians, with covered walkways along the 11th Street and Market Street facades. Work included removal of all window and greenhouse gaskets and application of sealant between the glass and framework, with subsequent sealing of the frame joints. The scope also entailed removal and replacement of all mortar and sealant joints at the brick, granite panels and windows, with installation of new weeps.

New waterproofing, flashing and brick masonry ties were installed after removal of exterior brick masonry at selected locations of deterioration. Deteriorated precast concrete coping areas were replaced with new precast and cast-in-place coping stones, or repaired where possible, and an elastomeric coating was applied to all copings. At the penthouse of the building, the existing brick coating was removed, and a new coating was applied.