201 Mission Street

Although new silicone sealant was installed on this building just 10 years ago, leaks have been a continual problem. Inspections determined that failing sealant covers about 10% of the facade.

To solve the problem Western replaced the sealant and completed frequent, intense, and uncompromising inspections to insure the solution had been solved.

Western worked closely with Jones Lang LaSalle to coordinate noisy work around tenant schedules to minimize noise disruptions. Grinding the joints between the precast panels creates noise and dust. There are no interior wall panels to deaden the noise or minimize the dust. The inside perimeter of the windows were taped and sacrificial backer rod was installed on the exterior, which prevented most of the dust from coming in.

Ongoing water leaks that had plagued the building for years were resolved. The project was completed with minimal disruption to the tenants.