Five Basic Principles for Getting (and Staying) Organized

Virtual Customer Appreciation Series

Five Basic Principles for Getting (and Staying!) Organized

As professional organizers and co-authors of the self-help book Beyond Tidy, Marie Limpert & Annmarie Brogan, of Organize Me! of NY, LLC, will teach attendees their top 5 Basic Organizing Principles, answer questions and provide solutions to common challenges that get people stuck.

Monday, March 29, 2021 | 3 PM CST

What we'll cover in this workshop

  • What it really means to be organized
  • How organized living saves you time, money, space, and energy
  • The best ways to organize and declutter your spaces
  • Developing a positive, growth mindset that will keep you motivated and solution-focused
  • How to avoid getting off track
  • Getting your family on board
  • Creating a home and life you'll love

A short Q & A session will follow the presentation. Their fun-loving and non-judgmental approach makes everyone feel at ease and helps them realize they are not alone!

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