We are America's Master Craftsmen in Restoration and Preservation

Committed to Safety

A job done well is synonymous with one done safely. Western Specialty Contractors is dedicated to job site safety. All of our employees receive rigorous safety training and all of our job sites are inspected by a team of safety engineers and insurance carriers prior to the crew’s arrival. Follow-up site visits are made to see that proper procedures and protocols are being met.

Not only does this translate into a lower-than-industry-average insurance experience modifier, and therefore competitive prices for our customers, but also dedicated craftsmen who feel good about coming to a safe work environment each day.

Read about Western's 0.55 Experience Modification Rating and OSHA Total Recordable Rate of 2.73.

Read about Western's Lowest Safety Rating in 100+ Year History

In addition to training, team members are screened to ensure a substance-free workplace. They are also offered a confidential Employee Assistance Program to help manage any non-work related stresses that could negatively impact safety for themselves and the rest of the team.

Our unwavering commitment to safety has helped us maintain our status as America’s Master Craftsmen in Restoration and Preservation.