National Accounts Program

A smart approach to exterior restoration for multiple properties

What is Western's National Accounts Program?

The program was designed to offer national and regional property owners and managers a single source for the exterior repair and restoration of all their buildings and structures. Each program is custom designed to our partner's needs, reflecting their policies, procedures and organizational structure. In addition, each partner company is assigned one Western associate to coordinate all work between the various local branches and their project locations.

What's the benefit to your organization?

By designating Western Specialty Contractors as your restoration contractor; your local facility managers will be able to quickly negotiate work to a predetermined amount without investing time and resources to pre-qualify a contractor.
Benefits of the program also include:

  • Single Point of Contact – Convenience and simplicity in resolving issues and taking full advantage of opportunities.
  • Reliability – Well trained craftsmen performing the work.
  • Consistency – The same superior quality across all of your properties.
  • Stability – A relationship owners/managers can build on year after year.
  • Peace of Mind – Assurance that each location receives the same first-class service and expert workmanship from the nation's leader in restoration services.

Why partner with Western?

Experience and craftsmanship. Since 1915, Western has been pioneering restoration and preservation techniques that deliver superior quality and results that withstand the elements for years to come. The solutions we develop for our partners and their structures have been tested and successfully implemented on thousands of structures for over 100 years.

How does the National Accounts Program work?

First, working with you, we gather the necessary information to thoroughly understand your organization, its issues, needs and requirements. Together, we can then determine if the program will be a good fit for both your organization and Western.

Next, based on the information gathered we develop a custom program to meet your needs. Special attention is given to assure all your policies, procedures and organizational structures are addressed and met.

The third step is to design a communications plan. With your input, we will develop a plan to accurately and clearly communicate the program throughout your organization.

Then, once everyone has been informed, we roll out the process and begin to work with your local resources to identify, estimate and manage projects.

Last, we implement a follow-up process to ensure goals of the program are met. We monitor each project's result, making any necessary adjustments/corrections along the way.

Additional benefits

  • Presentation – Highlighting different repair techniques for masonry, concrete and waterproofing.
  • Project Profiles – Using outlined repair techniques.
  • Assistance – Help pricing for yearly budgeting; estimates on repairs specified by building managers; set up and prioritize current and future building maintenance needs; suggested materials for maintenance; and provide checklists for potential problems.