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The contract included two projects; the crew completed the work over 5 weekends in July and August 2014. The first project was the Ameriprise Client Service Center; this 1.2-million square foot, 15-story office building is located in downtown Minneapolis; the building includes 4 levels of underground parking. The work was completed in three weekends and included prepping the substrate and installing two coats of deck membrane. The prep was done on Thursday night; turning the ramp back over to the owner for business on Friday. The crew started the deck membrane application at 8 PM on Friday night, completing the work by midnight on Saturday; turning the ramp back over to the owner by 6 AM Monday morning. The crew installed 160,000 square feet of deck coating with no issues.

Staging this project was the big challenge; the crew had to open, mix and place almost 1,000 pails of material in a relatively confined space. The product had to be mixed with a drill and paddle for 3 minutes per pail, which equals 50 hours of mixing. Staging also included laying out a grid pattern on the entire deck to ensure the correct amount of material was used. Because the mil thickness varied depending on traffic exposure, the crew developed a color-coded squeegee system so everyone knew exactly what the mil thickness was being installed. The application included broadcasting sand and back rolling it into the wet coating; the crew placed 22,000 pounds of sand on this project. The entire process has to be completed in less than 20 minutes per pail; totaling over 330 man hours.

The second project was the Ameriprise Financial Services building; located just down the street from the Service Center. This 31-story building includes 4 levels of underground parking as well. The deck coating application was 100,000 square feet competed in 2 weekends. All of the same constraints existed on this project; again the work was executed flawlessly.

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