Employee Updates

March 25, 2020


We continue to have Executive Leadership at the Home Office every day monitoring the ever-changing information surrounding COVID-19.

Western is following the guidelines and information provided by the CDC such as:
Social Distancing
Frequent Hand Washing
Critical Travel Only
No Group Meetings
Remote work when/if possible
If you're feeling ill, stay home…

Many individual states and municipalities are sending out new or modified directives on a regular basis. Both our in-house and outside legal professionals are reviewing these orders for direction and liability.

Please forward any orders or directives up the chain of command so we can assess and help the Branches understand our obligations and liabilities.

Recent requests have been coming in by a few customers requesting health analysis, temperature checks, and employee questionnaires prior to the workday start. Please forward these to legal ASAP and copy your chain of command; Branch, Region and Division Managers. The faster we have the information the quicker we can give advice and direction!

I understand that these are uncharted waters and a bit uncomfortable, however I would like to commend all of you on how we are reacting as a team! Staying calm, being optimistic and understanding this is not permanent are the keys to getting through all of this. We are a 105 year old company and this situation is not going to hinder us from celebrating many years to come! We must follow the guidelines and utilize common sense.

Please take care of your families and fellow employees. Stay in close contact with those employees working remotely and check on your family members often.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

Tom Brooks | Chief Operating Officer